Our Resources

Whatever your line of work, we are confident you will find the training you need among our 19 business English lesson plans.

We have put a lot of thoughts into designing hands-on, interactive workshops to suit your needs.

All these draw on the Oxford Business English series (Oxford University Press).

As soon as your training gets started, you will choose your own reference work from the OUP series. Each one of them is accompanied by an interactive CD-ROM that you will be able to keep for your own personal use, once your training is over.

Your Goals

FC TRAINING is very keen on giving you the tools you need to achieve your goals and prepare for he future.

Besides our business English lessons plans, we will help you obtain a decent score for the TOEIC  test, which has now become a prerequisite in today’s highly competitive job market.

Even if we only provide training in and around the city of Marseilles, we shall be happy to find the right solution for you, with our remote-learning offers.

VIP Coaching

FC TRAINING also offers tailor-made solutions for celebrities, international athletes, entrepreneurs and other high-profile clients who feel the need to improve their command of the English language.

These might include private tuitions, crash courses, preparation for major forthcoming public events, seminars and interviews conducted in English. FC TRAINING can also provide you with an experienced interpreter.

Our foolproof FC TRAINING confidentiality clauses will guarantee any training you receive from us will remain strictly confidential and never becomes public.

You may want to contact us for further details.

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